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I lost 5 kilos during first few months and gained some muscles

When I was younger I was always into sport. I passionately trained aerobic with Jane Fonda and wanted to be slim and healthy. Unfortunately, study and work made me train much less than I anticipated and I gain a bit of weight. I was trying to keep my weekly fitness training going. But there was always not enough time.

Everything become even more difficult when my son Oscar was born. At the beginning, it was very hard to find a fitness place with a crèche and I didn’t have anybody to look after my baby. So, I stopped training at all. 

When Oscar joined the school, I came back to work and it was very difficult to find time for sport training. Also, I was so tired. Few times I tried to join the gym but it was too time consuming. I gained lots of weight and lost my self-confidence. I didn’t have any strength and was tired very easily. When we moved to Bern, one of my friends who lives in Wabern gave me a free training card and asked me to try Miss Sporty.  It was in March 2017 when I had a free morning and decided finally to go. From the very beginning I started feeling very welcome here, even though I didn’t know anybody here and didn’t speak any German. I found out that most of staff speak English and I can communicate clearly. All excises were very well explained and I loved the whole concept of Miss Sporty. Training contains only 16 excises and I can do it the way I want to. I felt a big relief when after first excise I was able to step on the platform and relax. Love the idea that Personal Trainers are monitoring my progress every few months and change my fitness excises. That makes it not boring at all. So far so good. I lost 5 kilos during first few months and gained some muscles. I am feeling fit and strong again and love coming here. 

05. Dezember 2017
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